5 Best Beer Subscription Services

2020 has been a lousy year for beer drinkers. Covid restrictions have shut down many of our favorite watering holes and our access to good beers is shrinking by the minute.

But, if you’re like us, beer is life, and not even a global pandemic will keep us from our best brews (while being safe, obviously). If we can’t get to the bar, we bring the bar to us.

This year, we’ve really gotten into beer subscription services. Beer subscriptions work as you might have guessed: you pay a monthly fee and you get a selection of brews sent directly to your door.

This is a lazy person's dream, no? And, to be honest, after almost a year of drinking beer in our underwear on the couch, I’m not sure we’ll ever feel good drinking in pants again.

Here are some of our favorite beer subscriptions…

Beer Drop 

Beer Drop is a solid option for customized craft beer deliveries direct to your door. Each month for just $39 these heroes send out five new beers, making up ten cans in total. The math whizzes among you might have figured out that that’s only $4 per beer, which is cheap enough to make it a bit of a no-brainer.

Their website gives you the option of choosing your favorite five beer styles for your boxes: from hoppy and dark to fruity and sour. If you’re a bit clueless about the difference between brews (stop lying to yourself), you can leave it to the experts and have them choose for you. 

Beer Drop works with award-winning microbreweries so there’s no worry of receiving a box full of crappy beers, and they often include special releases that the beer snobs among you will love.

  • Five new beers per month for $39
  • Choose your favorite beer styles
  • $5 flat rate shipping for any order size
  • No minimum commitment

Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Club is a club devoted to craft beers. Mindblowing stuff, huh? 

Each shipment contains 12 world-class craft beers from various US microbreweries. Selections are produced by small-production, independent brewers so you can tell yourself you’re doing a great thing by supporting artisan brewers that are no doubt feeling the effects of covid-related bar closures. You saint!

Brews are available in four different styles and you’ll receive three of each. They're predominantly sent as 12 oz. bottles, with cans thrown in a couple of times per year for good measure.

Shipping is free with these guys and they often add in bonus gifts, so this is our choice for the bargain hunters among you. And, if you choose to give this subscription as a gift, it’ll make you look more generous than you actually are, guaranteeing better gifts for you in return. Smart.

  • 12 craft beers per order for $44.75
  • Sent as a selection of four styles
  • Choose from monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly deliveries
  • Free shipping and bonus gifts

Beer Month Club

Kris Calef is president of The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club and is, therefore, the certified leader of the beer geeks. 

The organization was formed by a panel of brewmasters and beer judges back in 1994 and it’s Kris and the gang’s mission in life to provide you with killer beers each month. This service is our pick for proper beer aficionados because their shipments are packed with international and tricky-to-find brews that you can show off to your mates about. 

This beer club works with more than 10,000 global breweries so you can sample beers from all over the world. Handy, since the most exotic place we've been in a while is Isla de Back Yard. Deliveries also come with brewery profiles and tasting notes so you can hold your own personal beer-tasting sessions at home (otherwise known as getting hammered with purpose).

  • Packages begin at $29.95 plus shipping
  • Selections devised by certified beer experts
  • Beers from 10,000+ US and international breweries
  • Shipments come with tasting notes and brewery profiles

Craft Beer Kings

Craft Beer Kings are all about fun. Hazy is all about fun. We’re a match made in heaven, no?

Shipments are hand-picked according to your preferences, and their in-house beer experts put together selections of unique brews every month that are guaranteed to make you really, really happy. This is an excellent option for lovers of a particular beer type, as you can really delve into that style. And, you’re guaranteed not to receive the beers you hate (shove your stout, thanks). 

If you’re into everything or are using a subscription to get to know some new beers, there’s also the option of a mixed style subscription box. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, Craft Beer Kings also offer barrel-aged brews that are great for special occasions that demand more than cheap lager (taking a liquor store six-pack to your mom's for Thanksgiving is basic).

This beer subscription service is slightly pricier than the other on this list but it’s worth every cent. Our advice: keep this one to yourself rather than gifting it.

  • Packages start at $59.99 
  • Each box contains six cans
  • Deliveries are customized to your tastes
  • Shipping is free


Tavour is the final beer subscription option on our list and we may well have saved the best for last. Tavour is app-based: download it and you’ll get access to difficult-to-find beers from across the US.

They work with over 650 independent brewers across 47 states and share new beers every day. To date, they’ve tasted more than 7,000 beers, making them the luckiest SOBs in the world.

The cool thing about this service is you can build your own beer box so you’re guaranteed to like what you receive. There’s no minimum commitment, so it can be a one-time thing if that’s what you’re into. Or, if you’re looking for more of a commitment you can leave it to the experts and they’ll send you a regular box of insanely good beers. 

They also do gift boxes if you’re looking for beer-related gifts (check out our gift guide here for more hoppy holiday treats).

  • Discover new beers through the app
  • Build your own custom beer box
  • No minimum order or commitment
  • Shipping is free with a subscription


So there you have it: five hella awesome beer subscription services that’ll keep your fridge nicely topped up month-to-month.

One more thing: every good beer needs an equally good glass, so please pack away your boring pint pots. Seriously, just send them to Goodwill or something. Instead, check out our range of quirky, cool, and sorta weird glassware

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