Gifts for Beer Lovers: The Top 9 Best Beer Gift Ideas

The end of the year is here (nobody knows how, mentally we’re in February) and suddenly it’s time to find gifts for your beer-loving community.

No need to worry! There’s a perfect gift for every type of beer drinker out there. From the friend who only drinks during sports games to the friend who knows so much about beer they just won’t stop talking about it. Don’t even get me started on the home brewer wannabe!  

Let’s be frank, a newbie would just go and get them a case, maybe a keg. But you, you’re better than that. We know! That’s why we’ve gathered a list of what to get someone who likes to drink beer. 

These nine gifts are sure to hit each one of those friends right in the feels, or at least in their admirable beer gut, and make sure they buy you a round on your next outing.

What Do You Give a Beer Lover?

Where most people go wrong is that they’ll just buy you what they consider to be nice beer. Hey, we’ve got nothing against Coronas, bring them over for the Superbowl! But when it comes to the holidays, you sometimes want to class it up a bit, you know? At the very least, you want your gift to seem somewhat personalized.

After all, your friends aren’t just beer drinkers. They’re also, I don’t know, your dad. They’re also travelers. Maybe they love some good comedy. Incorporate other interests and roles that they fulfill in your life, and your gift will feel like it was made just for them. If you’re looking at #3 on our list, it actually was! 

Alright, on with it, then. We know you have more gifts to buy.

1. Best for Travel-loving Beer Drinkers
Beer Gift Basket $79.99

beer gift basket

Maybe you can’t say the word “charcuterie” after a few beers. Maybe you can’t say it at all!

You know what everyone can pronounce? Gift basket. Who doesn’t love a gourmet experience gift basket? We all like to feel a little fancy sometimes. Beer gift baskets are a trend that we can all get behind, especially when it’s this good.

Rather than a basket, this gift set is served in a steel bucket to keep your brews cool. And speaking of brews, this beauty includes a Hefeweissbier, a pale lager from Canada, a porter, another pale lager from Jamaica, an English pale ale, and an American lager.

Worried about what to pair your pours with? Fahgettaboudit.

This gift basket also has peppered beef jerky described as “melt-in-your-mouth delicious,” Garlic summer sausage, savory cheese from Wisconsin, kettle-cooked peanuts, a snack mix, and kettle corn.

Excuse me while I order ten of these. You know, in case of a flood, or something.

Supplies, people, supplies!

2. Best for Beer Snobs
Swing-top Milk Jug Growlers $69

Help the beer snob in your life to continue their endless search for the perfect beer with these ultra-cool growlers.

This handmade ceramic Growler is available in 32 or 64-ounce designs and is the best way to get your favorite on-tap brew to go. Just flip the top open, and fill her up! The rubber gasket will seal in the carbonation, keeping its contents fresh and delicious. 

ceramic growlerJust knowing this was made on a pottery wheel in Portland makes it feel more bougie, and we know you’re picturing that friend now who thrives on that feeling. Get it for them. They’ll never forget it.

3. Best for Personalized Beer Gifts
Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener $28.95

Great for the friend who drinks at home (and let’s face it, endless covid restrictions have got us all drinking from home)!

This handcrafted wooden bottle opener and catcher will be a constant reminder for that beer lover in your life of how much you care about them. Or at the very least the fact that you remembered them this holiday season. That’s something, right?

Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

You can choose your personalization and the makers add it with an oil-based paint for a super rustic design. This will have your friend’s home feeling like a warm holiday cabin made from refurbished wood all year long! Additionally, the personalization ensures that it’s a gift that’s guaranteed to not be regifted! 

This custom set is made to order so make sure it’s not a last-minute gift!

4. Best for Fun Beer Drinkers
Mushroom Glass $19.99

For the friend who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, we have the perfect gift. This mushroom glass doesn’t just lift the spirits of everyone who drinks from it (guaranteed), it’s also sort of fun to hold. Is that weird? Just us? Oh.

 This gorgeous glass is hand-blown, so it has the fancy, handcrafted factor of other gifts on this list. And while it may not be the pint pot that you’re used to, this high quality 9 oz beer glass is great for those extra special beers. It’s also a great gift for lightweights who could benefit from a smaller beer glass (we all know one of those).

5. Best Beer Gifts for Dads
USA Beer Cap Map $32.49

This US map beer cap holder from Skyline Workshop is great for a dad who loves trying beers from national and international breweries but didn’t get to travel a lot this year. Frankly, who did get to travel this year?

Dad will love this maple wood map and he’ll love telling visitors about it even more. He could even make it a family project and stick to adding bottle caps of brews that you’ve sampled together. It holds 69 caps (was that on purpose?) including twist offs (they’re not judging). In addition, it includes mounting nails which will make it a fun little DIY project for your pops.

6. Best Beer Gift for Sports Lovers
Football Beer Glass $16.99

We all know the person who can’t watch a game without a beer in hand. At the stadium, at home, at the bar. Well, I guess that last one makes sense, huh? This 22 oz glass also makes a lot of sense. It’s one of those things in your cupboard that has a purpose and this glass will become your football-loving buddy’s go-to glass for game season.

Unless of course, your team loses. Then, well, I guess just have another. Don’t forget though, while it may look and feel like football with those raised laces, but these aren’t for throwing. Though, you could always get a couple, just in case.

football shaped beer glass

7. Best for Committed Beer Fans
Beer of the Month Club starting at $39.00

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Far beyond what you could find at your local store, this beer-of-the-month club loves delivering the world’s best brews right to your door. Or in this case, your friend’s door. Unless you’re reading this list to buy gifts for yourself this Christmas, which we’re all for!

Beer Across America offers customizable subscriptions for your “friend’s” (wink) tastes. Start and stop whenever you want, with no long-term commitment. Every month, you’ll get four varieties of award-winning beer. Maybe you have that friend who used to travel and find great beer along the way! This is a great holiday alternative so they can enjoy it well into next year. Buy them their first month and see how they like it!

8. For the Wannabe Home Brewer
Ohio Maestro Homebrew Beer Equipment $73.03

Have a friend who keeps talking about brewing at home but, frankly, chickens out when it comes down to it? It’s a science, give them a break! Or, give them a hand getting started! Try gifting them this homebrew equipment for beginners. It includes easy instructions for first-timers to get a great beer out of every use.

They’ll get two 6.5 gallon buckets (one for fermenting, one for bottling), a 3-piece airlock for fermenting, an adhesive thermometer, an auto-siphon with 5 feet of tubing, a combination bottle filler, bottling spigot, and, are you done reading accessories now? Well, you get it. It’s a full kit, ok?

Homebrew kit9. For the Beer Academics

$43 Oxford Companion to Beer

Let’s face it, once you have a book about something, it’s a high-class pastime. You can suddenly start using French words like amateur and connoisseur to talk about your beer habit/hobby.

Maybe your friend is not the most knowledgeable but they love a good beer. Hell, they know a good beer. They have the intuition and now they just need the vocabulary and the facts to back that up. This book is concise and ready-to-reference at a glance. Plus it looks great, so even if they only read it every once in a while, they’ll still look like they’re doing more than just trying out every beer in town. They’re getting educated on their favorite craft. Craft beer, that is.

Gifts for Beer Lovers

With enough quality beer on hand, it’s bound to be a good holiday season despite it being different from years prior. Grab your favorite beer glass, join that Friendsgiving on Zoom, and pour out your favorite brew. After all, the holidays are still all about connecting with friends and family over good food and drink, right? Even if all you have in common is your hoppy love for getting tipsy together. Happy holidays!

Have more beer-loving friends than gift ideas? Check out the rest of our range of glasses for your drunk squad.


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