Must-buy Beers to Get You Through the Holiday Season

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, isn’t it? How we got here after just yesterday it was March, we’ll never know. But here we are.

So, to prepare for the strangest holiday season ever, we thought we’d pile on some cheer. Of course, by “cheer” we mean beer, and by “pile on” we mean give you a whole new load of recommendations to add to your never-ending list. 

*to the tune of “let it snow”* And since we’ve no place to go, check out these must-buy beers to get you through the holiday season (and beyond if you buy a bunch of them). You’re welcome. 

1. Samuel Smith Winter Welcome Ale 

This English Ale is the easiest to reach for around the holidays. Baby, it might be cold outside but this beauty is bound to warm you up, especially as you’ll want to drink this one a little warmer (around 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

We know winter this year might be extra lonely so crack open this Winter Welcome ale and pour it into a sexy nude glass to keep you company. Ever had a curvy woman full of Yorkshire ale in your hands? You're in for a treat, my friend. This beer-glass combo will transport you to 1758 Yorkshire where this beer has been traditionally brewed for centuries.

Stuff you should know:

  • The Samuel Smith Winter Welcome ale is packed with rich maltiness and balanced with spices, fruits, and floral hops. Not too heavy, not too hoppy, just right. It's the Goldilocks of winter warmers 
  • It has a 6% ABV in case you want to feel festive but just can’t get there mentally when you’re 100% sober
  • It’s vegan! 

2.Odell Isolation Ale

There’s a pro and a con to this beer. The pro is that it’s going to become one of your new holiday favorites. Instead of hitting you with the richness, this is a medium body brew to keep you reaching for another one without feeling like you’ve had a full Christmas meal. 

The con? Well, you’ll get requests for it again after introducing it to your close ones. Send them all a case this Christmas and FaceTime-cheers the hell out of this December. We know that’s what we’ll be doing.

Is the name “Isolation Ale” a little too on the nose? Maybe, but what’s hidden inside will make you slightly forget your woes. If not, its ABV certainly will. 

How to celebrate with the Odell Isolation Ale:

Surely, one of the best ways to close the year is remembering one of the best parts of the American experience of 2020. The football season, of course. Yeah, the bar is pretty low this year. And okay, maybe Colorado isn’t the best authority to talk about football but you know what they do know about? Christmas beer that gives you the smoothness without sacrificing the taste. 

Pour that Colorado brew into a football beer glass and think of the better days; of tailgating and the amazing Super Bowl Latino halftime show that almost made you break your last football glass.  

Stuff you should know:

  • 6.1% ABV to forget the holidays while still feeling warm and cozy
  • A bitterness that awakens the palate
  • Four varieties of hops
  • Sweet, nutty, and caramel malts for deep flavor

3. Breckenridge Holidale

Truly nothing says “happy holidays” like whiskey. Unless... is that every family or just mine? If that’s yours too, or you can think of someone who this would resonate with *raises eyebrows fiercely* then this barrel-aged Colorado beer should be at the top of your Christmas list this year.

The Holidale is made and then rested in former whiskey barrels. I love upcycling! The flavors you get as a result are oak, whiskey, and biscuit on top of the ale’s already delicious caramel, chocolate, and roasted malt tones. Am I dirty-talking you right now? Maybe. 

We've got the perfect glass for this hunky beer. A holiday ale with a side of holiday abs. Delicious. 

Stuff you should know:

  • This one is a 10.7% ABV so go easy. Or don’t, they’re your holidays and you can cry if you want to. 

4. Avery Brewing Old Jubilation Ale

This holiday beer has tasty AF Ferrero Rocher vibes for the holidays. It’s great to pour into your infallible, perfect-for-couch-drinks mushroom glass and sip on while you watch Home Alone. Maybe you’re actually watching it home alone this year! Too soon? Sorry.

This brew is to beer drinkers what Halloween candy is… also to beer drinkers. It has a sweet maple profile to balance the hoppiness which results in a beautiful mahogany color with notes of hazelnut, mocha, and toasted caramel. 

Stuff you should know:

  • 8.3% ABV
  • Launches every year in October
  • Goes great with rich comfort foods

 5.Brasserie Dubuisson 

If you look forward to a good Belgian dark ale, we've got just the thing. The Belgian Brasserie Dubuisson has been a big deal since its launch in 1991. You can find it in the US under the name Sladis Noel and other countries as Bush de Noel - must resist making bush jokes about Santa Claus... 

You’ve got the great brew, now grab this dope slanted glass, and pop on your favorite less-than-family-friendly Christmas sweater for guaranteed boozy Christmas vibes. It works every time.

Stuff you should know:

  • This brew has a whopping 12% ABV!
  • It’s malty, with notes of brown sugar, banana, and even pineapple! Island Christmas anyone?

6. Bell’s Christmas Ale

If you think the “sugar, spice, and everything nice” Christmas thing is all crap, we’ve got the no B.S. winter brew for you. Zero spice included.

This Scotch-style brew gives you toasted malt, toffee, warm bread, and dark fruit flavors. Basically, it’s a full Christmas dinner without the pumpkin pie, which we all know is overrated anyway. 

This beer is for you if you’re way past the normal pints your family is into, but aren't into the weird craft beer that your mates are experimenting with. It's a classic with a twist and goes perfectly with a glass with a slight edge, like this one

Stuff you should know:

  • 7.5% ABV
  • Best served at cellar temp
  • Can be used in baked goods or glazes! Get you a beer that can do both!


Now, I know what you’re thinking. First, what if I don’t know what kind of winter brew I want? Easy, give as many of these a try as you can and mark your calendar yearly. Their release date will become your happiest day of the year. It’ll be like the fall day when basic boys and girls see Pumpkin Spiced Lattes on the menu. Don’t we all want that kind of joy?

Want to mix and match glasses with the beers? Buy a couple of each glass make the most of the sweet discounts for two and four packs, then send your besties a glassware variety pack each. They'll come in handy for beer tasting sessions and these babies ship fast so you can get into the holiday mood ASAP. 

Happy holiday sippin’!

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